14 November 2016


Amazing how things inconsequential become testy 
frames of discontent - an ‘affable’ bonhomie bends 
into graceless faces of resentment, & all over least 
contentious events in the sequence; after this we’ll 
steam with enough rancour to ablate Hell we froze 
over - but at the moment there’s an icy distance to 
navigate; so we fade away into what we’d claimed 
an impartiality of non sequitur to warm up again 

But magnanimous wintery westerlies are out there 
chilling everything off-the-scale, even with heaters 
blandishing a room you’re writing in there is a lack 
of conviction - comfort’s far & away the least you’ll 
habituate today; nevertheless a list of deeds need 
packing away into a worn valise they accomodate 
© 28 June 2016, I. D. Carswell