16 December 2016

Nod And A Wink

Its the last day of August 2016; although there’s 
nothing auspiciously obvious we’re aware of an 
infinitely clandestine suggestion that upwind, air 
of unknown things awaits us; golly, well - it is an 
intro to Spring and, come to think of it, th’ end of 
an ostentatiously pretentious Winter we suffered 
like fools gladly, yet nowhere to hide from those
realisations there’s nothing left of our old selves 

Assuredly - we tried reacquainting hints of days 
gone by with the expectations of yore traded for 
warmer clothes - and even with those attributes 
on show, were snowed under by tribulations we 
have to rethink; maybe September’s first day is 
the new season’s promise of a nod and a wink 
© 31 August 2016, I. D. Carswell 

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