29 June 2007

Ernie Dingo For President

Ernie Dingo for Pres!
Yeah! Cut thru all the
crap, elect a bloke we
admire. We’ve seen a

few too many fat-cats
prance their lick-arse
dance for titbits from
PM’s plates – selected

by rye-grass peerage;
yet here’s a sterling
fellow with roots in
The Real Australia!

Oondamooroo, that’s
his proper name, ‘Shield’
in the Wadjarri language
of the Yamatji people.

A good bloke too,
no prejudices; he’d
be the last bastard
to knock the great

Australian dream –
a damn good shield
for future uncertainty.
We need changes tho’,

this Monarchy thing
is too dated to be more
than aspirin relief from
mean colonial History.

Ernie reminds us gentiley
of that. But in any event
he’d aptly champion a
new Republic, be the

best First President of a
new and, God forbid,
wash your mouth out –
United Australia!
© 8 June 2007, I.D. Carswell