01 July 2007

Mired In Today’s Dreams

The future has to start somewhere I guess,
though a bit of impetus is usually called for;
termed ‘future plans’ if you’re into labels –

things you attach to ideas. Ideas are those
ephemeral things which disappear with adroit
efficiency unless you’ve got handles on them.

And when you do they blend into millstones
around the neck. But at back of all the planning
is a fact we must be ultra wary of;

ideas are the food we feed our dreams. Mine
are rich in detail, fat with the conversations of
a lifetime, resplendent with nature’s seasons.

I really need a fast track to the future or I am
stuck right here – too easily satisfied where
I am at, mired in today’s dreams.
© 7 June 2007, I.D. Carswell