25 July 2007

Fallacy Of Losing Weight (by exercise)

Is it a Law of Diminishing Returns or an
anarchic state of constancy in matter?
No way you look at it are you going to
earn that svelte figure you yearn for

by hot and sweaty, heart palpitating
jogging or sensual wrestling with the
exercise machine. Oxygen molecules
combined with elements in your blood

stream under duress weigh more than
the fatty flocculants you’re determined
to eject. The net effect is transitory, a
quirk of nature, you get heavier before

you get less – if you know what I mean.
Okay, you sweat and the rate depends
on how much energy you burn in an
ambient temperature. If that doesn’t

stand to reason you shouldn’t have
commenced an exercise regime in the
first place – but you’ll drink the same in
replacement fluid – hence a net gain.

No, the way to successful weight loss is
through sensory deprivation – just refrain
yourself of the gloat in feeling fine food
teasing voluptuously down your throat!
© 13 July 2007, I.D. Carswell