25 July 2007

Glory Gone Is Not The Cost

Think you not of what is lost
think you what is left behind
the glory gone is not the cost
but how it rots a state of mind.

The children at the refuse tip
are victims of society
not criminals who sadly strip
decorum from propriety.

The liars of the Upper House
are causes lost to gross deceit,
actors, neither man nor mouse,
calumnies of Law’s defeat.

The plastic food upon the plate
will nourish industries and feed
the need of growth economies
tho’ hunger gnaws and won’t abate.

If you despair it is too late
to bring the changes obdurate
you’ll join the mass who sadly wait
abashed and scared for patient death

which wields a grisly scythe to steal
the pain of past mistakes we yield;
we share those burdens so surreal
in aching shoulders to the wheel.
© 13 July 2007, I.D. Carswell