04 July 2007

Familiar Noblesse Oblique Requests

Well? Have you succumbed or not?
Have you besieged everyone in your
e-mail address book with a lot of too
familiar noblesse oblique requests

they follow the link to your PH main
page? If you haven’t then what’s
your game? Okay, your obscurity is
not unique, won’t feed a databank

on the brink of extinction – which it
will be should you remain that way.
So go, do your duty, self-promote!
Increase traffic by any means: i.e.

leave hints and intimations in the
biggest bulletin boards, prowl the
chat rooms, hoodwink directories,
hijack search engines. To remain in

a patient and ever-hopeful state while
awaiting fame is remiss; you consume
too many precious resources – so go,
make a move with flair, help create
the next set of internet millionaires.
© 12 June 2007, I.D. Carswell