03 July 2007

Foundered On Fine Ideals

Is it a reaction to the cold, or an old war wound
aching? Seems more like a ‘port’ headache but
I have sorted through the newspaper reports -
Federal Minister for Education has merit pay on 

her agenda again; this time with a vengeance.

With data from the Centre for Teaching Quality,
she intends trialling recommendations. CTQ for 

its US research organisation sins commissioned 
18 expert pedagogues to propose framework for 
merit pay. Note on outset, that was their AIM.

Are they a paradigm? Their claimed expertise in 

US teaching lends zero to our debate - whereas 
we’re meant to believe the scheme's a boon, this 
from the Minister’s hand. I smell a rat. So what
is rotten in the State Of Education.

Teachers Unions and States oppose anything Julie 

proposes; is it her aftershave? Better performed 
mentors usually gravitate to independent schools - 
where the trial will take place! Left to the fate of 
Federal funding State budgets will run last in this 

Race. So Julie Bishop blames teachers when failed 

debate pricks her Minister’s pique. We can develop 
rules for performance pay freed the independent 
schools clique - which confounds & infuses Julie’s 
thinking. What's needed is tengender a sense of

Worth where despair has foundered on fine ideals 

just short of the shore; now we flounder knee-deep 
in the Minister's self-serving acrimony, this nation 
needs the problem here ratified clearly: you only 
get back what you put into education!
© 12 June 2007, I.D. Carswell