31 July 2007

Graciously Embraces Us

A good day, not without its usual
infestations of misanthropy – that
lurks awaiting incident to spring to
life again; a history shamed and

pampered in a panoply of rank
incompetence that breeds within
the serried ranks of trees we farm –
blunders of the past are evident

although we say the wearied weals
the orchard bears are less a signature
of ours than those of early owners
classified by chary peers as idiots.

And thus it is today; we’re glad we’ve
learned the difference – the problem
wasn’t ours again although the curses
now are less than loud, a signal call to

Heaven’s claim which witnesses what
we disdain as past events; irrelevant
and gone to dust. Today was seminal,
we met our goals, finished with a choral

call in praise to lusty Gods of Trees whose
bounty shows as panicles about to burst
ablaze. Perhaps they were just tools
those owners less than praised by trees;

flowers in bloom begat our trust
and we appraise the cautious learning
we have made – the Orchard sways in
confidence, graciously embraces us.
© 12 July 2007, I.D. Carswell