31 July 2007

No Relief For Ersatz Verse

Unbeliever of such wickedness that
I am I missed the point of four bit lines
of drivel penned as sensational leads
on sanity I merely doubted; and I see

it, day after day – snippets and
gobbets of humdrum gossip touted
as deep introspection. If you sniff as
hard you’ll likely amass a gobbet of

phlegm large enough to regurgitate as
a fleshy four-liner, and better than the
fate of pseudo-verse, spit it where at
least it can evaporate. There is

no relief for ersatz verse, destined to
ache a false eternity until debased by
a covert Philistine who asks innocently –
what is this supposed to be? But worse,

oh by Heaven’s least blind eye, worse
by a magnitude of a millennium is the
hedonistic clap trap masquerading as
reasoned criticism. Fie, you philandering

panderers – flee the den of iniquity, take
a scourge to your souls. Respectability
spurns you – you are rejected by what
you ingenuously say you value most...
© 12 July 2007, I.D. Carswell