30 July 2007

Not Much Need For Inspiration

Don’t be...
...bothered by my thinking? I’ve been
seeking inspiration in a grey morning
shrinking – mundane things appear to
be just what they are – tacit clich├ęs
dressed as hangovers dressed as clover
dressed as cheery smiles on signs with
vacancy winking claiming clover fails to
be anything but clover & imagination
can’t contend with this state of crashing
mediocrity where scenes blur in rashes
of dull grey images flashing these random
supposedly subliminally loaded messages.

Yet I make nothing of them!

Of course they are there, it would be a
nonsense if merely white noise or stray
radiation from an unknown, peripheral
ambient. And if it were where did I get
off the track? I cannot tap back into the
core, get sustenance from an artery or
clear squinted eyes. Perhaps I’m still in
bed safely asleep where there is not
much need for inspiration...
© 24 July 2007, I.D. Carswell