19 July 2007

Run To The Cities

Run to the Cities
run for your lives
merge seamlessly in
unending traffic streams
join the thrum of humanity
move on command of street
light heartbeat intersecting
street corners in random acts
of uncoordinated & devilishly
orchestrated commercial activity –
and read the urban news

last night three people
died in stabbings two
killed in traffic accidents
a man beaten within an
inch of his life – at start of
day six unwise souls found
they’d been scammed of
their savings one will lose
his home the Index started
low again while a few grey
coursers will begin liaisons
causing irrevocable failure
of their marriages more
will report sick with
stress symptoms and
high blood pressure

there will be some heart
attacks some nauseous
headaches disorientated
fits of depression irrational
fear and non-specific anger
all occurring after long
alcoholic lunches

a few will have had
enough and opt out
go home praying their
families remember
them – and tonight
you can bet it will
begin again.
© 6 July 2007, I.D. Carswell