18 July 2007

That Tearful Goodbye

He is the best yet, this Carter Carlos of
Ferny Wood, fresh from the maternity
ward, making us aware of his displeasure
at being left outside. Err in haste, he yelps,
repent at leisure. You’ll surely rue this day!
Shrill yips penetrate with an undeniable
clarity, I want inside, he says, right now!

The only pup in the litter he arrived by
caesarean six ago weeks today – I need
not say at great expense, it was, or even
mention an Oscar-worthy performance.
We forgave, aware of redeeming graces
in the advent a life of unlimited pleasure.

He is a long leg Jack Russell Terrier in white,
half mask black and tan patch on the left
side of his face. Beautiful, graced with self-
assurance and a robust appetite for food
and fun – he’s the one we will find it so, so
hard to say that tearful goodbye to...
© 10 July 2007, I.D. Carswell