15 August 2007

Balloons With Barefaced Lies

It takes a harder head than mine
to crack the rocks which line the
calloused minds of men in power.

By analogy I understand the rocks
are there as substance where an
airiness expresses vacant space.

Without the weight they’d float aloft
on bloated egos stroked and blimped
within an inch exaggerated.

While stressed to bursting point and
blind to it these sightless blimps define
the mire they wallow by excreting it.

All’s fair in politics they say, the dirty
tricks are sticks and stones to break
your bones and call you nasty names

while adults play their mindless games
of power with rocks for strategy that fill
balloons with barefaced lies as promises...
© 11 August 2007, I.D. Carswell