16 August 2007

Out Of A Toothpaste Tube Darkly

A toothpaste tube
that’s left uncapped
a sign perhaps
of absent mind or
entrapped in acts
of cataleptic malcontent –
a parody that lapsed
when humour failed
to raise the bar
enough against
this day’s necessities.

There’s no collapsing
eccentricity in matching
decor or to catch this
sleight of hand –
no gain in understanding
that extracts the workings
of this oddity; no
untoward extension
maps the future kine’s
tho’ I’m amazed
at what I see – at
what I can’t in any way
begin to comprehend.

How can you plan a
future when
you leave the past
How can you set a
solid track
from there to here?
© 9 August 2007, I.D. Carswell