28 August 2007

Beer Goes On Forever

Get three others to agree
with you my friend and I’ll
join too; we’ll get a good thing
going with a creed that breeds
its weight in new believers.

There is a street-corner logic of
six-pack credibility stacked in its
favour; makes a lot of sense after
some beers and a yarn – not that
we do lot of that stuff per se.

But convincing your skeptical
mates gravity doesn’t exist just
because Velikovsky said so goes
a long way to explaining how
credibility rides on creed.

So how do we stay in place?
Electromagnetism? Dunno – if
gravity doesn’t exist. Does it make
a difference? Not especially –
meaning have another beer.

Why should we care if gravity’s
gone and we’re still here; the
only ‘out there’ is a beerless
world. Sure, explanations come
and go, but beer goes on forever.
© 18 August 2007, I.D. Carswell