29 August 2007

This Day’s Oligarchy

If you agree democracy
implies in essense an
equality – but deny in
divers ways the rights
of some minorities to
represent their views
then who’s the ogre
in the news? You say

the move to ease the
fate of children left to
languish undebated
by the ethnic based
authorities is a need
of common sense; go
build another fence
and keep them on the

other side – police it
with the rigour of your
arrogance but don’t
excuse the dissonance
eventing of the move
as ‘nothing new’. It is
a view abominated
by good governance.

Your measures used to
gauge a better quality
of life are purely bound
in fiscal terms – values
ground and mixed with
ashes of humanity, a
cost-efficient recipe
of today’s oligarchy.
© 17 August 2007, I.D. Carswell