05 August 2007

Excuse Me While I Pour Again

Why should I despair? The beer
I just poured has a great head,
it’s crisp, clear and dry – tastes
like something I brewed back in
the good old days when I wasn’t
into too much hygiene.

Man, is it dry! Each sip desiccates
the palate such – necessitates
another taste for a bloke who
thinks he’s retired each day
he wakes wearier than when he
went to bed. Having framed that

idea reminds me I am retired, or
would be except for this Orchard;
but it sure explains a great thirst.
Damn and tarnation – an empty
glass, now how on earth did...?
Excuse me while I pour again...
© 20 July 2007, I.D. Carswell