06 August 2007

Let Me Dream In You

Let me dream in you –
my length and breadth imbued
in depthless mystery, my strength
subsumed in currents infinite
– adrift in timeless seas where
shadow patterns ripple
peacefully in seamless scenes
of harmony. Let me indulge in you –
your bounty feeding me content
the sustenance I need to grow
beyond the narrow man who sees
with angry eyes; encourage me
with subtle signs, the shuddered
sighs expressing indolence in tune
with inner peace, a token glimpse
of reservoirs of energy unleashed,
the heat of lava wells that flow
through faultless veins. Breathe
for me, release the words
I need to understand you’ve
reached surcease but succour
me with gifts of love – please me
with your promises I may return...
© 8 August 2007, I. D. Carswell