22 August 2007

Remember Them

The soldier cried, his tears were tears that
only soldiers cry of pride; he did not close
or wipe his eyes where tears rolled free to
fall upon the ribbons worn for all to see.

So many of their unit died – all noble deaths
their Colonel said, a sacrifice of vital men who
gave their lives to live again in memories. They’ll
not grow old he said, nor age shall weary them.

These tears we shed are there to wash away
the years and bring them back again, all whole
of limb and comforted; they’ll sing again our
battle songs in voices clear and chorus strong.

We are not here to stand for war, the justice of
the deed is dust and now we must allay the angst
we wrought in battle cries for friends who died –
and remember them with glowing pride.
© 12 August 2007, I.D. Carswell