06 September 2007

Other Side Of Broken Sleep

Winds returned last night, a
low pressure system breached
boundaries of a consciousness
despairing dedicated overtures;
the deep quiet of soulful air rent
in riot of muffled sound wound
tight by closed windows, shrouded
in a hollow gloom booming the
other side of broken sleep.

Aware without hearing from
veteran years in wilder gales’
shrieking, sensing pitch of wind’s
wail held in thrall of a power
too severe to ignore, witnessing
electrical outages first hand as
they surge across swayed wires
flickering balefully into homes, LED
lights blinking a manic-obsessive call.

Light has returned a day of
leaf litter spread a visual span
reaching blind horizons, driven
mist bleeds from hills etched
against grey cloud overriding
clear air of yesterday; between
gusts crows soar in wild flight,
ride currents in a joie de vivre
of carefree spirits rejoicing.
© 22 August 2007, I.D. Carswell