05 September 2007

Song Of The Pensive Patriot

being one and the same
with my fellow man
painfully ends my
individuality –
here I stand in the
beginning of an era where
I am less important than the
sum of our unity

a view confused and
abused in football crowds
is not the stance or essence
enhancing our claim to
common identity

we are less passionate
songs and more emotions
belonging to visibly
disparate but keen
students of similarities

you read my words listen
to echoes of your own
voices express the same
sentiment hearing nothing
less than the same
patriotic enchantment

there is no choice but
to join our arms respectfully
greet you in common voice
take claim for the love
felt in a breast torn with
prior claims of duty –

so as of this day with
great respect I say that
while I do not necessarily
like you all that much –
I love our way
© 21 Auguat 2007, I.D. Carswell