11 September 2007

There Is A Chance Someone Listens

Now I am incensed – before I might
have been a mite amused, but living
through a mewling disenchantment
with this attitude of noblesse oblique
and ‘grosse redress’ distresses me.

If you wish to keep your pages clean
you’d best address anomalies you let
instance themselves as caricatures of
idiocy – those semi-literate rules you
pose are derisory and sadly laughable.

And yet you take liberties with a form
of censorship that’s unexplained – an
application of restricted access to two
of my poems; I am impressed but what
earned this special consideration?

By your own baldly expressed rules the
words you ban are not included in the
texts concerned – text which reflects a
sadness due to drug dependence in our
youth with consequent loss of identity.

I make no apologies for rawness of that
verse – the sentiment is real, in fact the
truth is more exacting than that which I
expressed, terse delivery suggests a
horror barely concealed or contained.

Let me guess, you wont condone my brash
expression of unease – or even let me air
the dirty linen in a manner where it might
excite concupisense or rash behaviour – or
worse than that – do you even understand?

I know that I am talking to a deaf and dumb
machine – a search program which targets
words considered bad without actually ever
reading or understanding anything. But there
is a chance someone actually listens out there.
© 29 August 2007, I.D. Carswell

I post new poetry on the Poem Hunter site which,

of recent times, has introduced a mysterious form
of censorship. Nothing drastic, just the simple
expedient of blocking a poem from public view.
The mindless idiots who support the site have
decided these two poems:

"Who We Were Before We Came Here",


"The Worst Poison Is Censorship"

are not fit for public view. As I have to guess
what their criteria is - I have no formal knowlege
of what gets their goat, it leaves me in a quandary...