12 September 2007

The Worst Poison Is Censorship

I should be incensed – that I’m only mildly
peeved suggests that disrespect affects a
cryptic part of me. Oh yes, I amended out
the ghastly piece, the reference to a crude
and ancient word. But please, the subject
was offensive where? If children read the
poetry I still suggest you cease to please
yourselves with censorship – that is worse
than mindless pap. And senseless verse is
what you get on diet of such blandish crap.

‘Who We Were Before We Came Here’ is
the verse you’ve taken out of public view,
a verse few would read without a sense of
unease – it talks of kids whose addiction is
an underworld where life is blurred, words
like ‘yo’ express this cultures unity and a
narcolepsy evident as its hateful reality.
The poem says we lose our way without a
reference to whom and what we were, and
you contribute with your stupid censorship.

“gaps in the memory like sheer sided rifts
disrupting rutted tracks leaving chasms of
utter vacancy where no signage survives the
free fall screaming plummet to a darkness
where we cease to cangue as whole things
connected and sure of whom we were before
we came here to a space of nowhere familiar
where no space is yo mother **** yo bad
ass yo dick-shit yo little bro lying sad in fear –
dying sick-aware in damp piss-pants scared
deathless of an ever consuming emptiness
puking yellow and wretched – grovelling in
stench-reeking gut-wrenching spasms of
doubt whom we were before we came here...”

The recovery is there in the words, but you
prefer the idea of a free enterprise where
truth is the first casualty in pursuit of an
unctuous popularity. Sorry I don’t sell well
team – must be the way I learned to abjure
bowdlerization by seeing vested interests
polluting a pristine environment. And my
milieu is truth – that is the free and ever
available antidote for the worst poison on
earth – censorship...
© 27 August 2007, I.D. Carswell