17 November 2007

Feet Shod In Concrete

I do regret the pettiness but must
redress an error fixed in minds seduced
by heresy undressed as politics.

Take you any vested scheme where
private interests align as vestments so
designed to succour needs.

Whose needs? Needs invoked to
grow economies; needs to keep
the status quo aglow –

not indeed your needs or mine.
To satisfy their greed for power
our governors lie from time to time.

Growth, they claim, remains the only
way to keep us in that happy state
we see as sacrosanct. We see? We’re

not even asked I do believe. The
power is gone from what we think
except for polls that stink – redolent

of fiscal grease. Our governors do
not care to share their power. The
aim of growth economies remains

extant, exploitation of resources
scarce, environmental apathy, careless
use and attitudes lead to abuse.

And sure as drought or famine kills
the growth of greed invades the still
naive constituency whose feet

are shod in concrete of their masters
retrogressive thinking. Even in a growth
economy we’re sinking, helplessly.
© 14 November 2007, I. D. Carswell