16 November 2007

Pride Pays No Compound Dividends

Spent some agonised hours removing the
mud slung at me whilst I slept – hours that
should have been lent to welding changes.
That I am easily offended explains so much
cosmetic effort expended in cleaning; too
much in effect – pride pays no compound
dividends, not in any respect. I rationalise
and say there is a justification returning to
the way things were and thus concede the
point. Things have changed. Cleaning away
the mess merely obfuscates truth. The mud
slingers remain free in an evolving anarchy
I am powerless to impact – in every sense
I’m glad; it was bad enough attending their
game in the first bleary instance. Way back,
when time rang cheaply, I fought for those
harbinger freedoms they carelessly abuse –
in early life you see, I was a mud-slinger too.
© 13 November 2007, I. D. Carswell