26 November 2007

Recurrent Themes (rev)

It is a vague, recurrent theme, 
may be an imperfectly recalled 
chorus from a song; few words 
remain - not enough to claim a
thesis of 
weight, yet it plays on
repetitively twixt engagements, 
returns again & again ere quiet 
invades. I see it as a salutary 

companion - compensating my 
uneven balance, competing for 
equal space without demands.
I explain it a benign mate who 
plays second-string to me with 
no complaints. 

But you're not with me, maybe 
bewildered & shaking the head 
unrequitedly. Why’s this? 

Well I don't want to rain on your 
parade but - it sounds more like 
a case of tinnitus...
© 27 October 2007, I. D. Carswell