25 November 2007

Sensory Death’s Doorway

Too rational to not reach a conclusion
but in love with words just enough to
be touched by feeling – that’s the
dilemma. Life’s journey is a sensory
experience – some elements beyond
understanding, some beyond recall.
True physical facts ameliorate all
temporality – connections in time
and space, but words will still stay
absolute. Look, feel their meaning!

This claim may be another evolution
with weightless mass, precedence no-
longer revolutionary. There, atop the
admiration tree, an excuse for what
passes these days as modern poetry
hangs breathing life into naive and
formless words – all lacking guile but
being untouched by its raw emotions
is a sensory death’s doorway, defining
a sordid place challenging rationality.
© 5 November 2007, I. D. Carswell

* "Las Modelos"Acrylic on canvas140 x 109 cm, 1987 Angel Gómez