03 December 2007

Age Where Reason Repairs Vision

Whether it’s appointing female Bishops in the
Anglican Church or repairing schisms we’re in
for a period of change; I’m not too despaired,
it’s an age where reason repairs vision. To see
beyond what tainted eyes appeal is more than
rhapsodic chanting to the masses; a glimpsing
of vistas concealed in axioms with prescribed
sets of pre-determined meanings. All of these
less messages than massage to infant senses.

When we can discern the avenue & conclusion
abandoned to opinion no greater than faith or
fantasy – climb the cliff or precipice instanced
in cataracts exuding their prejudice, then and
only then will we see that despite its covering
of rust and disuse, truth is still truth. So when
all is said and done the difference between a
republican and democrat is not in the quality
of the food but who gets a supply contract...
© 12 November 2007, I. D. Carswell