02 December 2007

Better Kept A Fantasy

Where the kcuf is Osama, I heard
him ask – Osama bin Muhammad
bin 'Awad bin Laden I presumed,
in absence of those epithets that
good news has bin Laden’s head
securely in the bag. Either dead or
on the move I’d say, grooving to a
wadi tune away from hostile eyes,
Intel and smart bombs homing in
on smell, assassins seeking instant
fame or forty virgins promised him.

Were I he, I’m sure I’d never stop to
pee, bathe or send an SMS excepting
in encrypted text. He’s better kept a
fantasy presumed alive than otherwise,
he’d have no more utility pronounced
obscenely dead – best to stay a bogey
man, stand at least to wear the blame...
© 26 November 2007, I. D. Carswell