23 December 2007

Christmas Mall Shopping Blues

It started with the mobile phone; an innocent
enough alone yet lucid prelude to an overture
in timeless movement. The pure immensity of
grander schemes became apparent only when
a simple plan soon failed to cope, traffic jams &
car parks crammed too full with random acts of
felony in place of seasonal goodwill.

In an ‘equal opportunity’ Mall we encounter
the dread disabled walkers, pushers, stalkers
in a free-for-all of more assorted wheel chairs
parked to effect absolute growth of stress;
appeals to commonsense have no influence –
they shyly smile & stay in access ways. What
could you say? I weakly echo – ho, ho, ho!

Ten days shy of Christmas I have witnessed
mankind’s fixed awarelessness; this mass of
shoppers milling, bargain obsessed – less the
teens who just look cool by being seen. Yet
he quickly fixed and blessed my mobile phone
in weightless chat, no worries mate he said –
parking woes apart, you’ll make it safely home!
© 14 December 2007, I. D. Carswell