24 December 2007

Future Shock (or Post Xmas Blues)

The fat man in the mirror says too much by
looking at me in a way which denigrates my
lack of strength. His weight I carry day to day
but that seems lost to him – far away beyond
his haughty countenance.

And who are you to ridicule he scoffs, you
make no mark upon the space you occupy
whilst I command! Yes, it may well be too
obvious – I willingly agree, you fill the mirror
edge to edge and clearly wear my face.

If I could smile and walk away to leave you to
your reverie you’d die a lonely death I say, but
I am here to witness change I need to see. And
you’re too fat to interest me – peering beetled-
browed won’t win reprieve.

Go lose some goddamn weight!
© 12 December 2007, I. D. Carswell