27 December 2007

Jim Crow Conspiracy, a

Does the World you live in peer out of
your blinkered verse – if verse applies in
any loosest sense to what you write?
Indeed, if seen rare glimpses of harmony
reek aberrant – shaped out of treasonous
freedoms envied were you have no emotional
software. In words common to praise you
condemn, crazed contemptuous phrases
in litanies of sheer, acid abuse.

And therein lies a veiled truth, the uttered
meaning warped beyond cognition – your
obsequious affection crudely appeals for
diffidence fair, achieves unanimous rejection.
A Jim Crow conspiracy that stinks of iniquity
you claim, yet decency speaks all tongues and
listens without prejudice. And you wonder
where the amour went – try brushing your
teeth with less dissent...!
© 29 October 2007, I. D. Carswell