28 December 2007

Doomed To Make Them Pay

Another dead, more are dying –
and for want of heeding writing
ready written on the wall. The
mewling cries are strident in a
grievous disbelief – forsaken by
a rubric hint of voter buoyancy.

These ‘top of the food chain’
political sophisticates expiate
to primal instinct when votes
change; unbridled intrigue rubs
them shy of winning figures in a
trite Soap without credence and
they’re at each other’s throat.

Today the Queensland Liberals
played the Last Post on a future
they will play no part in – shame
to see them go this way; for sure
a fallout from the Federal stakes
was doomed to make them pay.
© 29 November 2007, I. D. Carswell