29 December 2007

Not Too Late To Emigrate

Safest thing for you and sanity to do is say
goodbye – it won’t be hard, you’ve toed
the line before, sincerely, in an offhand
way. But come this time you’ll be required
to stay away from loose repeals, duplicity
and sneaky backroom double-deals.

So kiss the stone and fade away, it never
cast its vote for you nor yet concealed its
apathy. Let us see you move along and out
of sight: too many friendships wrongly died
defending your right to lie – too many refined
views choked on scandalous compromise.

We’ve withered on the vine we like to think
connects us in a fellowship which links our
separate views; but you’ve denied our right
to have our say – even coined the term ‘un-
Australian’ along the way to emphasise your
brand of non compos mentis conservatism.

So here you go: Do you give all and each the
benefit of a fair go – doing unto others as
they would to you? Are you fair dinkum in
relationships? Do you cop it sweet when
the shit hits the fan? Do you keep the faith –
and not dob in a mate?

Do you believe we’re the world’s most
egalitarian Nation and fight to preserve
it unreservedly? Do you pull together with
neighbours in times of difficulty? Do you add
your weight when bludgers bludge – keep
a silent tongue to whinger’s bait?

If you can do that mate you’d make an Aussie;
add in just a tinge of sportsmanship, follow all
our sporting teams, volunteer now and then
to lend a helping hand. Sorry John, it’s far to
late for you to make a willing change, but give
it thought – it’s not too late to emigrate!
© 19 November 2007, I. D. Carswell