03 February 2008

Interchangeable Commodities

Why yes, he explained, I desire to be
acclaimed amongst the idiots of our
contemporary times. Why, I asked,
intrigued, to me he was enlightened.

Notoriety/fame are interchangeable
commodities these days, take that
girl who pees in taxis, Paris what’s-
her-name, the rich celebrity, she’s

got it right. Be the bitch – hang it
out, shout disdain for social rules;
you gain nothing being demure or
quaintly pure at heart. The Press

won’t rate behaviour that conforms
to ancient norms – won’t have a bar
of it! Controversy sells ad space & we
live on the grace of surplus trade.

I believe the God of humankind is
best expressed in economies that
grow on goods exchanged at rates
left to free market influence & fate.

What of democracy and individual
freedoms I protest? What of dignity?
Can’t afford it, he explained, at best
it’s unsustainable...
© 8 January 2008, I. D. Carswell