02 February 2008

Left Hand Left Brain

Try living left-handed with the pain
of being left-brain and years used to
right digits controlling where tight

calligraphy was at – a wholly new
perspective on frustration; easy to
succumb to mood & transfer back.

Pinched nerve fatigue (really, is that
what it is?) renders refined right-
hand mousing insufferable agony.

Writing is decidedly unpleasant –
themes reflect maudlin moods when
misery rides an aching shoulder.

Rationally the only ordered change
reverses right to left; practically its
chaos – frustration eventuates.

Autonomic right responds reflexively
but not the anarchy of left which
dithers, ponders – equivocates.

Primacy of index is perhaps the key,
reassign critical mass of first finger-ness
to digital processing.

Try again, right button on now left-
handed mouse redefined as primary key.
But a doggedly right-abated co-user

of this PC – who doesn’t suffer
neuromotor muscular strain, will likely
be the more frustrated...
© 4 January 2008, I. D. Carswell