29 February 2008

Waking One Gently

My friend calls them ‘pensioners’
naps’, these easy midday siestas I
indulge in now and again, he claims
they are necessary to maintain a

benign view of the World. Ok, it may
be true but I’ll bet he’s never been
wakened in the middle of one by
a mobile phone playing random tunes.

This time it was ‘All About Soul’ by
Billy Joel, not too bad a choice I might
digress. Of course the damn phone does
not have a sense of humour or any other

case to stand as an excuse; possessed
by demons is as near as I’d try to guess.
Sure, I’ll send the piece back – there has to be
a rational explanation; which I find is kind of

weird, I mean, I’m almost admitting I like its
quirky idiosyncrasy. Not too many people
can honestly say their phone is blessed by,
or possessed, with waking one gently.
© 17 January 2008, I. D. Carswell