01 March 2008

Defies Eclectic Fame

Maybe unsavoury attitudes pertain –
I know maths well enough but can’t
explain the reason why my writing fails
to climb to dizzy heights. Eclectic fame
in poetry defies a structured sense of 

ordered thought – and can’t be bought
I like to think; but if a poem’s readership
is vast, far more a day than those which

languish at the bottom of the pack now
what of that? I won’t beat about the

bush – equivocate in fact, the dearth of
valid proof explaining truth is way too

cute, beyond my fickle sense of worth.
But I will wait with little joy, pointlessly
abjure what used to be a poet’s pride of

place (when not quite dead) – a poem

listed breathlessly within the dread 500.
© 25 January 2008, I. D. Carswell