16 March 2008

I Cannot Imagine Purity

The anonymous wash of sundry schemes –
therein a place for unique thought? It may
seem withal a weighty cause of sort – a fey
pause in tall analysis, a “what brought it to
this” bleep in unilinear thinking, a weak, spur-
of-the-moment “let’s get to the nub of it”
phase in self-analysis fraught with all, as yet
unnamed, contemporary poetic malaise.

Honestly I cannot wear a claim that purity
exists in “only one of its kind” thought; it
smacks of heresy which thinking ought to
lay to rest. Apply this test: I think therefore
I am, I’m me, a consciousness aware – and
what’s more I’m NOT unique. So if you think
dare to give it subtle thought and answer this,
how come it ain’t been thought before?
© 26 January 2008, I. D. Carswell