16 March 2008


Maldison – on its own at 1%, is not enough
to begin gene splitting immediately – but
when it’s dripping on your ass from a leaky
back-pack tank you should think again.

Maldison, [malathion; diethyl (dimethoxy
thiophosphorylthio) succinate] a broad-
spectrum organophosphorus (OP), an
insecticide/acaricide used to control a
wide range of agricultural and veterinary
insect pests; in this case mites on poultry.

Why bother to identify all that tripe?
You too, can buy the stuff as dust or in
aerosol cans at six times the price for pests
in your gardens or on your pets. But I’ll bet
you don’t try and take the proper care.

Nor did I. The spray gear is now in pieces
on the workshop bench – seems a simple
seal failed right where it could do me the
greatest indecency.

I’d wondered before why my ass was wet,
and sigh, so when fur grows thick on my
left butt cheek I’ll wear the mark as an
idiot’s brand. But by the bye, I won’t have
mites alive in the hair...
© 17 March 2007, I. D. Carswell