04 March 2008

Last Living Liberal, the

Would the last living Liberal please
turn out the lights, switch Malcolm
Turnbull off & go to sleep. Your night
of long knives ceased in a whimper.

Severed heads no-longer bleed; in a
quaint and antique rite you drained
your lifeblood on election night. A
hegemony has ended, comprende!

In case you missed it friend, the end
of Liberal rule was what ensued. I’d
say your crudely papered guise wore
thin, failing to survive in wiser times.

Your creed recites inalienable rights
for freedom’s core belief, start believing
then, leave off the whingeing please,
feel free to dribble off to sleep...
© 24 January 2008, I. D. Carswell