08 March 2008

Light And Pithy Puns

Whatever happened to that lying
jerk we knew from Bennelong? The
one with slightly botched recall, wore
glasses and was bald – flibber lips we
called him then. Beaten by a girl

they say, in a most horrendous way,
and – well, in the end, slid smoothly
round the S bend of history. I guess
you cannot be too flushed with what

we see as your success, so all the
very best Dear John! Tho’ I’m glad
you’re gone; make no mistake, I’m
pleased as punch and take delight in

making light and pithy puns about
deflated dreams. Look mate, I’m out
to lunch on your defeat, won’t be in
for many weeks to beast inflated
claims of what you said you’d done.
© 21 January 2008, I. D. Carswell