11 March 2008

Their Dog – In 2D

They have another dog –
and/or an illusory cat. That
makes maybe five to
ignore. It seems happy;
it plays with a puppy’s
random abandon.

As yet it is free of the
owners’ dysfunctional
idiosyncrasies, a situation
we know will change; it
will soon see the World
only in 2D and matt grey.

Meanwhile we run the
gauntlet of Blue Heeler
stupidity, fuelled by Dandi
Dinmont vacuousness,
overseen by an estranged
dairy farm dog that stayed.

It’s the Wild, Wild West out
here. But we shouldn’t
complain. Our five JRTs rule
the roost with anarchy born
of the breed. And at the least –
they know they’re family!
© 19 January 2008, I. D. Carswell