11 March 2008

Too Great A Sacrifice

Grant me one wish he says, and take
those damned insane vehicles off of
the race track. What, in Jesus’ name,
is gained perpetuating an obscenity?

A harmless ‘sport’ you say! Harmless
as 450kW of power can be unleashed
in look-alike suburban vehicles we see
every day in our family communities.

Do we need these exemplars of our
crazed and self-destructive ways to
be complete? V8 delinquency is not
eccentric – it’s something we breed.

We’d be better off retooling factories
to produce cluster bombs – have less
egg on the face, full employment, & a
rash of disingenuous nations queuing.

That is obscenity I could see banned
by rational acts whereas V8 racing is
sacrosanct – too great a sacrifice to
make sense to our lunatic urbanity.
© 25 February 2008, I. D. Carswell