02 April 2008

Bunya Nut

Bunya nut – uh oh! I see
that’s hardly de rigeur for
you; a food too rustic ‘tho a
taste all of its own, not one
to grace your plate today.

Now Jack Fruit on the palate
won’t disgrace – for sure, you
eat the pulp, rich and scented
with a heady reek, & take the
seeds all boiled and peeled.

Chill and season every piece,
a chilli sauce – sweet, of course,
pinch of salt, pepper ground and
– eat. I hear you say it’s good!
But then I knew you would.

But Bunya nut remains a
flavour fondly earned in
earthy taste – not replaced
the least by Jack Fruit seed
you’d normally just throw away.
© 20 February 2008, I. D. Carswell