01 April 2008

On $2.00 A Day?

Jerry says 50% of the people in this World
have to live on less than two dollars a day.
I’m incensed and mortified – 2 bucks a day
wouldn’t pay my mobile phone tab, which
I have to have or die. So I ask, what causes

this inequity? An answer lies somewhere in
these sad figures: either 1% of the World’s
population owns 40% of all wealth or 2%
owns 50%. There is no anomaly accepting
both as true, they are mutually inclusive!

For me, struggling to find $200 a day – the
guesstimate funding necessity for a retired
lifestyle by seeking property investment
security where I’ll reap rewards like the 2%,
yes, life’s a veritable bitch, and no regrets.

But live on $2 a day? No bloody way!
© 30 January 2008, I. D. Carswell

Jerry Hughes raised the question, do we care
that 50% of our population lives on less than
$2.00 a day? I know I do, and I struggle with
my conscience...