25 April 2008

Centennial Lakes

Yesterday’s pleasant walk around
Centennial Lakes brought more to
mind than mere effusive thanks;
we’ve driven past the place most
days without a backward glance.

This day we stopped, walked leafy
paths that wound midst tidy ponds
and gazed with awe that grew to
earned respect. It is a monument,
a visit that we won’t forget.

The birds impressed, fourteen native
species in their finery tho’ many more
evade our eyes; those we saw pleased
mightily – some rails and crakes we
hadn’t seen before were on parade.

Little Corellas squabbled in trees or
nibbled sycamore seeds in noisy
gangs clustered in the shade. They
flew raucously to greet new arrivals,
shrieking their rustic giddays.

Friendly ducks and geese took bread
offerings ashore or swam and dived
for weeds. Glebes ducked and darted
as they pleased in algae beds or hid
amongst the shore-side reeds.

A peaceful scene, harmony among
the lakes with shrubbery luxuriant
and greened for shade, a haven
in the Cities skirts laid out for gentle
pace – and beautifully maintained.

And yet its rep is none too savoury –
warring gangs and violent deaths
impress an air of incredulity. How
do they gather in that park and not
absorb tranquillity?
10 April 2008, I. D. Carswell