25 April 2008

Roosters Of Delusion

Obnoxious bicker-heads slam-dunk
cynicism in an orgy of hedonistic
incivility. Not that they know or care
exuding counterfeit confidence borne
of bloated egos - obscene advocates
of their own delusionary addiction

shared by a few who’s pathological
weakness forms rare dependency in
lugubrious repartee. In chicken-run
theatres they scratch and strut, crow
threats in words lifted from more able
peers – not that they know or care

in the fake galleries penitents bare
heads and watch crimes tried in the
Court of Inconsequence, wear sack-
cloth and play the fool for free; the
entertainment theirs for the parody
not that they know or care
© 9 April 2008, I. D. Carswell