21 April 2008


Choice-mail, that which you receive
by placing a check in the box next to
an enabling statement. By the way,
today is Friday – which means I’ve
survived another week so there’ll
be more than a dozen waiting.

It’s still a vicarious delight waking
up alive, thrilled I’m nearly home
free – or not in a dementia ward;
confident there’ll be notifications
of fulsome reader commentary in
my inbox, amongst other things.

Before I click to cosset vanity (or is
it prurient interest?) I check to see
if I’m really alive. Web camera stares
impassively from top of screen, black
monocular eye – Quickcam® feeds
back fuzzy images of confirmation.

Hey, it’s Friday, I grin, beard’s looking
great – but you don’t have to agree!
And it never does.
© 4 April 2008, I. D. Carswell